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Top 10 “Absolutes” in Computers

When you have worked with computers as long as we have, you discover that there are a few absolutes when it comes to computer repair and data loss prevention. We often see the same types of preventable computer issues and instances of accidental data loss over and over again. Our team of computer specialists has… Read More

Microsoft recently put out an update for their Windows 10 operating system that may, unfortunately, cause your computer to crash. After the update installs you might find that your mouse and/or keyboard aren’t functioning properly, you may not be able to get on the internet using wifi, or you could even get an “inaccessible hard… Read More

Is Your Windows 10 Computer Running Slow?

Computer Renaissance of Bel Air

If your new or converted Windows 10 computer seems very slow and unresponsive, it could very well be because you have Windows updates that have not completed or are in the works. Up to 50% of the Windows 10 computers that come in the store with complaints of being slow or unresponsive are due to… Read More

What You Need To Know About The Equifax Data Breach

Yesterday, Equifax announced a data breach that has affected 143 million people. Data stolen includes personal identifying information, credit card numbers, and more. Equifax has created a web site to check to see whether your information may have been included in the breach, but before using the site there are a few things to keep… Read More

What is Phishing?

You’ve probably heard about it at work, in the news, and from friends, but have you ever wondered exactly what phishing is and why it’s so dangerous?  This article from Microsoft is a very useful guide to help you recognize phishing emails, links, or phone calls, as well as handy links to help you report… Read More

Our Service Plans

Did you know Computer Renaissance of Bel Air offers customers Annual Service Plans?  We do! Why choose a Computer Renaissance of Bel Air Annual Service Plan? Our service plans are specifically designed for customers with multiple computers in their home and people who work from home and rely on a working computer system to get… Read More

Window 10 Update

What’s New in the Creator’s Update and What it Means to the Average User The Windows 10 Creator’s Update is here and Microsoft has already pushed it out to many Windows 10 computers. If you haven’t received the update yet, chances are you’ll soon see it. The Creator’s Update is a Feature Update, meaning that… Read More

Watch out for email scams!

Clicking Links on Suspicious Emails can Spell T R O U B L E! The email example image below  was an email from “Microsoft” to an Office365 user. While it appears to be a message telling you that you have used up too much space on their server, it is really a scam. When you… Read More

New Ransomeware – What you need to know!

WanaCryptor, Ransomware, Updates, and Windows XP Author: Adam Baldwin You may have heard recently of new ransomware called “WannaCry” or “WanaCryptor” or some variant of that name. On Friday, May 12th, the ransomware appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began ravaging computer systems across Europe and Asia. The virus had spread so quickly that within… Read More

“Your Computer is Infected!” – SCAM

It often catches you off-guard: you’re surfing the internet, searching Google for interesting content, and suddenly there’s a warning message taking over most of your screen! It may look a little something like this: We all know how easy it is for computers to get infected with viruses and malware, so nervously, you try to… Read More