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Do you want to pay a ransom for your data?

You should always be backing up your data.

Interesting Story…
A police department in Maine had to pay $300 to recover their data after they had it hijacked by a virus program. Currently, the only way to recover your data is to pay the ransom, and hope that they are honest enough to give you the key that will release the data.

So, you are going to be robbed of your data, and then pay the robber $300-$500 in ransom, and hope that they don’t steal the money and not give you your data back?

What is the solution TODAY? Frequent backups of the data that you need with a backup device that is not permanently attached to your computer. The virus can migrate from your computer to the backup device, the cloud, or any other area that it has access to. You lessen your risk by not having your backup device continuously attached to your computer or server.

Cloud Storage: The benefit is your data is offsite. The drawbacks are that there is a steady monthly payment, and with some cloud storage systems you have to manage what data actually gets backed up. You need to include what is backed up and where it’s located on your computer so that the cloud storage is getting the right data. You also should monitor this process to ensure new data and all the current data you have is included in the backup. The backup companies do not assume responsibility for the data. If the data is not there, the onus is on you to ensure the data backup specifications are accurate. Cost to implement this option is ongoing and depends on the amount of your data.

External Hard Drive : The benefit is that you have your data at your fingertips. Drawbacks are that if you leave the device on site, you take the risk that if something happens in your building (fire, water, etc.), it will take your computer and external hard drive out as well. Also, the onus is on you to know where the files are located on your computer to be backed up, including hidden files. Cost to implement this option ranges between $60-$100, a one-time cost.

External Hard Drive with Backup Software: The benefits of this option are that you don’t need to know what your data is or where it’s located on your computer because the software will automatically search for approximately 400+ different common file extensions located anywhere on your computer. Also, these devices can backup up to 10 computers and keep the backed up data for each computer separate. This is a great option for families with multiple computers and small businesses that do not have a server or dedicated backup strategies for their computers. The drawback of any external hard drive backup strategy is that you must store the device away from the computers (off-site, other part of the house or office, etc.). Cost to implement this option ranges between $100-$150, a one-time cost. The convenience and thoroughness of this option is well worth the additional cost.

No matter what solution you choose, you should monitor your backup process to ensure new data and all the current data you have is included in the backup.

We can implement any of the above solutions for you to keep your data backed up and safe. Contact Computer Renaissance at or call 410-836-0649 to learn more.

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