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Has your hard drive gone bad with valuable data on it?

You are using your computer, and all of a sudden it freezes up, gives a blue screen, or just won’t boot. Your computer has information that is valuable to you, be it your family photos, Quickbooks data, or important tax files from previous years. If the data is not backed up, you may go into a panic because this important data seems to be unrecoverable. It could be on your computer’s hard drive, an external drive, a USB flash drive, an SD card, or your cell phone. The data may still be there, but you cannot get to it.

There are many different reasons for why you might lose access to your data. If you have an external hard drive, it may be that the drive enclosure has gone bad. For internal computer drives, they may have corrupted segments that prevent your computer from starting, but still allow for viewing the data when removed. Flash drive files may become corrupted, or the drive itself may be broken. Or perhaps you have accidentally deleted some pictures off of your cell phone or SD card. We have a number of different methods at the store for recovering the data that you have lost. During the time that we are working on your drive, it will remain in the store. Some of the recovery methods are very easy, while others may take days, or even weeks, for us to try to recover your data for you.

Data recovery is not always perfect, especially if additional information has been written to the drive after the data is lost. It is possible that some files are missing or corrupt, or recovered files are no longer named because the information has been lost. However, in many cases we can recover the data you’re looking for and place it on another storage device that will allow you to access it. Accidentally dropped, kicked, or otherwise broken your USB flash drive? We have the capability to repair most USB flash drives if you have bent or broken the contacts off of the internal board. Prices for data recovery in our store vary upon the difficulty in obtaining it.

There are some situations where we will not be able to access the data at our store. Drives that do not spin or are making noises may be too far gone for us to recover. In those situations, we have a data recovery company that we can recommend, and will be more than happy to send your drive out to them to see if they can recover your data. In almost all cases they can, but be advised that the cost of data recovery using these outside firms generally start around $400 and may possibly exceed $1000, based on the amount of work that they have to do. The good news is that they will evaluate your drive and advise you of the cost prior to any monetary commitment on your part.

If you are reading this and have not backed up your data, the time for doing it is NOW. You should be backing up your data and making a redundant copy somewhere, whether it is an external drive, a flash drive, a disc, etc. There is no such thing as having too many backups when it comes to important data. However, if you have not backed it up and experience a problem where your data is at risk, come see us and we will either get it for you, or find a reliable resource that can.

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