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The SAFE Way to Download Applications and Utilities at NO RISK!

I have often said that there are no free rides on the internet. This is one situation where that is not true. There is a site on the internet,, where you can download utilities, tools, virus programs, and many of the popular programs that you are looking for.

Many times, when pc users are looking for a particular application to download, they will Google it and click on the first link for that application. That is usually a big mistake, and will result in additional junkware being installed, with a resultant trip to our store to clean it up. has a listing of many useful programs, and allows you to load one, or as many as you want, safely, with a couple clicks of your mouse.

Looking for other internet search providers? You can download Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera from this site. Do you not have Microsoft Office, but want something that is similar, and free, and will work with many of the Office documents. You can find them there. Looking for a free antivirus program(and remember, no virus program works well, so never buy one), you can find just about every free and safe virus program on this site. Need to update Adobe Reader or Java? You can do it here offers over 8 different programs for your use. So if you are looking for a particuar program or utility for your needs, and want to get it with the knowledge that you can do it safely, go to
Check it out!

Also click here for a FREE computer safety Checklist below:

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