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Top 5 Questions – Answered

1. I have a virus program….why do I have a virus?
Virus programs are very ineffective, and the range of what they look for is limited. Additionally, many items that can wreak havoc on your computer are not classified as viruses, by definition, and your virus program will overlook them. The best defense for a virus is good behavior.

2. Should I upgrade to Windows 10?
If you have an older computer…no. Use it with its current operating system until you need to buy a new computer. If your computer is less than 4 years old, and you intend to keep the computer…then yes, as long as your computer is in good shape, both hardware and software.

3. How often should I have my computer checked?
Your computer is not like a car…you do not need to have the oil changed, so let your computer performance determine when you bring it in. Is it slow? Are you having trouble getting on the internet? Are there programs that do not run? Performance should be the key to bringing it in for service. The only real home maintenance that you need to do is get a can of compressed air and blow out the fan every couple months.

4. Do Apple computers really not get viruses?
They do get viruses…just go to a software store and you will see virus programs for Macs. There may not be as many, because people who write virus code want to get the biggest bang for their effort.

5. Can my cellphone get a virus?
Yes, cell phones can get infected. Recently, several people have brought in iPhones with messages that say that they are infected and gives a number to call. DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER. Fortunately for cell phones, it is fairly easy to fix these.

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