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Top iPad Apps 2016

Best ipad Apps

iPads are great for reading, watching movies, gaming and scheduling. They are portable, have a great screen size and impressive specs. Also there are so many great apps available for the ipad to help make life a little better. So we found a great review by Tom’s Guide,, that reviewed several top ipad apps, from magazine and news readers to video players, games and photo editing tools. Here are some of our favorites from the Tom’s Guide review:

Evernote (Free)
Evernote is the Internet’s favorite note-taking service for good reason, with a powerful mix of functions, simple, effective UI and easy cross-platform and device syncing. Jot down notes or images and immediately sync them across all your devices, share the minutes of a meeting through email, send your notes straight to a printer or upload your rumination Twitter or Facebook. Evernote’s Web clipping and share sheets are easily accessible from a variety of apps, and an extremely handy notification center widget that allows you to quickly create and upload new notes, photos and more.

Paper by Fifty Three (Free)
Paper by Fifty Three may have started life as a drawing and notebook app, but it’s since expanded its functions to include checklists, photo annotations and general note-taking, all while retaining the app’s expressive drawing engine and analogue feel. Users can easily bring together checklists, notes, and annotated photographs into a notebook system for easy organizing. Once you’re done, your work can be exported into PDF, Keynote or Powerpoint formats for easy use. Whether you’re looking for something to doodle with or a useful productivity tool, Paper delivers the goods, and is a joy to use on the iPad’s big screen.

Kindle Reader (Free)
The Kindle app provides users with a powerful multi-platform reading app that gives them full access to their library and a highly customizable reading interface. Readers can tweak the app’s text display, backgrounds and more, with Amazon’s Whispersync technology ensuring that settings are saved across all your devices. Users can access books purchased through the Kindle marketplace, as well as a wealth of free public domain books and promos. The iPad’s large screen, ideal for reading, makes the Kindle app a perfect fit.

LastPass (Free, requires subscription)
LastPass is one of the Web’s premier password management services, and subscribers to LastPass Premium are definitely going to want to grab this app. While the LastPass iOS app was already a pretty solid password generator and vault, iOS’ support for Safari extensions means that LastPass can integrate itself into Safari and provide form and password autofilling to iOS devices.

Netflix (Free, requires subscription)
A streaming media juggernaut, the free Netflix app allows subscribers to log in and enjoy unlimited access to Netflix’s vast library of movies, TV shows, and Netflix exclusives on the go with their mobile device. Powerful search tools let you easily work through a treasure trove of film and television, while a user rating system allows the app to tailor its recommendations to your viewing taste.

TED (Free)
The motto of the TED conferences is “Ideas worth spreading,” and the official TED app makes it easy to do just that. With this little app, you can download and view more than a thousand TEDTalk videos featuring some of the best and brightest talking about ideas they believe matter. Whether you’re into art, design, philosophy, or philanthropy, TED is bound to inspire and entertain.

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