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Viruses — When in doubt…..DON’T CLICK!

Unfortunately for all of us, virus writers are always creating newer and more efficient ways to get viruses to your computer, and are also looking for ways to get more money from you when you get them. One of the newest viruses that you could encounter is the rombertik virus, which is a form of ransomware(give me money or I will destroy your data).
This virus will threaten to destroy your data unless you pay them a ransom that they ask for. More importantly, this virus has the ability to wipe out your operating system or even destroy your hard drive if you attempt to remove the virus.
The most common way that you can get this virus is from clicking on links from either people you do not know, or even people that you do know and are not expecting something from them. When you open the body of an email, a link is listed and an invitation to click on the link from the sender. Be aware, even if this email is from your best friend, it may not really be: people get their email addresses and passwords stolen at an alarming rate, and the email from your best friend could actually be from someone you don’t know. For that reason…..NEVER click on a link imbedded in an email unless you have been expecting it and are absolutely sure who it came from. When in doubt…..DON’T CLICK!
You really have no options at this time but to wipe your hard drive and reload your operating system, which you can have us do, or you can do if you have the expertise. However, your data and any other installed programs will be gone, so hopefully you have been backing up your data regularly. And do not become dependent on your installed antivirus program: in most cases they simply do not work, especially on new viruses.
We can certainly help you if you encounter a virus of this type, or any kind. But always remember that safeguarding your data, and being suspicious of any email is your best hope for keeping your computer clean.

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