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Wait! . . .Windows 10 is Coming……..Don’t be in a Rush!

Windows 10 is going to be released this month, and while all of the thoughts of having a neat new operating system may have appeal to you, I would urge you to be cautious about being the first to convert.
Microsoft has a history of rushing operating systems to the public, and then making changes to the system based upon customer input. In other words, you will be the guinea pig, and Microsoft will make changes based upon your complaints. Would you rather buy a new model car and then have the company make changes on the fly, or would you rather wait for a short time to let them fix those problems before you buy the car?
The operating system, contrary to what you have heard, is not a “blend” of Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is its own operating system, and learning how to use Windows 10 after using Windows 8 will be just as much of a learning curve as converting from Windows 7. With all new operating systems, there are bugs that will occur that Microsoft has not anticipated. Based on the feedback, and complaints, of customers Microsoft will make updates and publish them to correct the errors. At some point the system will be stabilized, but how soon?
You have around a year to convert your current operating system to Windows 10 for free. My STRONG advice to you is to wait and listen to what people say about Windows 10. There will always be some complaints about the system being different. That is just the nature of changing operating systems. However, there will probably be real problems that need to be corrected. Why would you want to be the one who experiences those problems, instead of being patient and having them corrected before converting? Waiting costs you nothing. Being the first to convert, finding out that you hate the system and wanting to convert back is an expensive lesson.
If in the first few weeks/months of introduction, Windows 10 is praised by all for how it operates, then certainly make the change. However, in this case, later is always better than early.

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