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What are the Requirements for Laptops for College?

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College Student PC laptop Requirements

Have you received the computer requirement guidelines from your son/daughter’s college? Are you shopping for a laptop for your new college student and not sure what’s REALLY needed? Here are our guidelines for purchasing a new, used or refurbished laptop for your college student.

Minimum Requirements for College Student PC Laptop

  • 4-8 GB RAM
  • Intel I-3 or Dual-core AMD Processor
  • 500 GB to 1 T Hard Drive
  • Windows 10 Operating System – Home version will work fine
  • External Storage Capacity – Cloud-based, external hard drive – This is absolutely necessary. You want to be sure your thesis paper is backed up.
  • Temporary Storage Capacity – DVD Burner, CDs, or Flash Drives
  • HDMI and/or VGA Output Ports
  • Microsoft Office – You need A version of Microsoft Office (could be desktop or online/pay-as-you-go option depending on your need and how many mobile devices you want to run it on (smart phone and tablets). Microsoft Office 365 can be accessed from anywhere on multiple devices.
  • Extra Battery and/or Power Supply Adaptor – Consider having spares on hand in case the power supply adaptor is lost or the battery goes dead, especially considering deadlines
  • Service on Their Laptops While They’re Away from Home – Find a local shop that someone else has used that will repair your laptop locally without shipping it off for repair. DON’T use an online PC repair service provider who must log into your computer to do the repair. These are usually scams.
  • Insurance– Be sure to check with your insurance agent regarding adding the laptop to your homeowners’ policy.

If you need help figuring out what you have or what your may need to purchase, come into Computer Renaissance of Bel Air, and we can get you what you need in a computer.

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