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Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” NIGHTMARE

What’s Happening
As you may know, the new Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” is being
automatically installed on all computers using the Windows 10 Operating System without user’s consent. Users with older computers and/or software applications are experiencing SERIOUS problems after the “Anniversary Update” is installed, such as the following:

  • Computer won’t work, freezes, or will not start
  • Software applications won’t run (Example: Earlier versions of QuickBooks)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse won’t work

After the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” is installed, users have 10 days to “roll back” to earlier versions of Windows 10 OR they are stuck with the “Anniversary Update” version and its associated problems.

What You Should Do
Computer Renaissance of Bel Air recommends you don’t do the roll back on your own. Bring your computer into the store and we’ll determine if we can make your computer run with the “Anniversary Update” or what options you have to keep your computer running.
The roll back is the last option, not the first.

If your computer passes the 10-day roll back date and you’re having problems, you may have to do one of the following:

  • Have your data backed up first
  • Have your operating system reinstalled
  • Possibly have to buy newer versions of software programs

In-store Fix Required
Don’t wait! Fixing the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” issue isn’t something we can do over the phone. You’ll need to bring your computer to the store so that we can evaluate what we need to do to have your computer and software programs running properly.

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