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Windows 10 Update……Is it Time Yet?

A few months ago we strongly recommended to you that you do not take the Windows 10 free upgrade at the present time. The reason that we gave was that there were a lot of bugs to be worked out and to wait until some of them were resolved. We also anticipated having problems with the installation.

Those problems have proven true…We have had many customers complaining of problems with the upgrade, and
we had to either reverse the upgrade or actually reload the old operating system. The reasons we had to take this action were because there were things going on with the old operating system that caused serious problems with Windows 10.

Here are the things we know so far.

  1. New computers with Windows 10 seem to work fine.
  2. Windows 10 upgrades on fresh installs of Window 7 and 8 seem to work fine.
  3. If you are having operating system or hardware problems with your current computer, Windows 10 will not correct them. The Windows 10 upgrade will probably make them worse.

So… if you want to convert to Windows 10, we suggest you bring your computer to the store for a checkup prior to installing. We will perform a Standard Diagnostic free until December 31, 2015. If there is work that needs to be done prior to installation, we can tell you the cost. We can detect and correct hardware and software problems prior to your attempt to upgrade to Windows 10, and improve the chances of a successful upgrade.

Finally, the question is not whether you can upgrade, but do you REALLY WANT OR NEED to upgrade? Just because the Windows 10 Upgrade message pops up in your face is not a reason to upgrade. Windows 10 will not promote world peace or make your children doctors, as stated in their advertisements. It is an operating system. If you are happy with using Windows 7 or Windows 8, continue to use it until your computer needs replacing. New software will support Windows 7 or 8 for the next several years. You will not be missing out on anything important, and it may save you money or regret for changing to a new system. But again, should you choose to upgrade, we recommend that you let us check out your computer first.

For more information about getting your computer CHECKED for FREE until December 31st, contact Tim Tremper at (410) 836-0649.

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  • Bill Troy February 5, 2016

    Thanks for your comments on Windows 10.

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