Is Your Windows 10 Computer Running Slow?

Is Your Windows 10 Computer Running Slow?

Is Your Windows 10 Computer Running Slow?

If your new or converted Windows 10 computer seems very slow and unresponsive, it could very well be because you have Windows updates that have not completed or are in the works. Up to 50% of the Windows 10 computers that come in the store with complaints of being slow or unresponsive are due to Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 does a poor job of notifying you when there are updates, and some of them are quite big. The anniversary updates can take up to several hours to download and install, so you may unknowingly shut down your computer in the middle of an update. This can lead to sluggish performance.

It is recommended that you manually check for updates prior to shutting down your computer. To do this is quite simple.

  1. Point your cursor to the “window pane” in the lower left corner of the screen and left click on your mouse.
  2. Left click on the “settings” icon (an icon that looks like a gear). This will open your Settings window.
  3. Left click on the “Update and Security” icon (the last one). This will open your update window.
  4. If updates appear to be downloading or installing, leave the computer on and let the uploads complete. If none are loading, click the “check for updates” button and let the computer determine if there are updates needed.
  5. After updates are complete, give the computer about 1/2 hour to “stabilize.”

You do not have to check for updates every time, but if your Windows 10 computer seems slow or locked up, try this before bringing your computer to us.



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