The Windows 10 Creator’s Update – What’s in it for you?

The Windows 10 Creator’s Update – What’s in it for you?

The Windows 10 Creator’s Update – What’s in it for you?

What’s New in the Creator’s Update and What it Means to the Average User

The Windows 10 Creator’s Update is here and Microsoft has already pushed it out to many Windows 10 computers. If you haven’t received the update yet, chances are you’ll soon see it. The Creator’s Update is a Feature Update, meaning that it’s adding features or changing significant parts of the operating system to improve functionality or give additional functionality to Windows 10. So what’s new in the Creator’s Update, and what does this mean for the average user?

To start, the Creator’s Update adds a bunch of features that bring commonly used functions for content creators into the core of Windows. With the popularity of content streams growing, Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon to cater to the needs of these creators by bringing a lot of the features that would require third-party software straight into the operating system to make it easier for individuals to create their content and share it with the world. Microsoft seems especially keen to focus on meeting the needs of gaming content creators, people who stream videos of their games for other people to watch while they play. Game streaming is extremely popular, and capturing video and streaming it to other people while also playing the games themselves on a single machine is not an easy task!

With that in mind, Microsoft has added a Gaming section to the Windows settings, a Game Bar that allows instant on-the-fly tweaking of different things within games, and Beam for broadcasting gaming content in real-time. Additionally, they’ve added a Game Mode which supposedly limits the operating system to processing the most important gaming processes and kills unnecessary background tasks to improve gaming performance, although so far it seems that in practice, Gaming Mode isn’t necessarily as effective as Microsoft wants it to be.

If you’re not a gamer or don’t wish to stream, then these changes probably aren’t relevant to your use. But there still other additions for creators of other content, like 3D Paint, which allows for the creation of 3D content which can be shared with an online community at As you can see, it’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is gearing a lot of these changes towards creating and sharing content with people across the world. But what if you’re not a content creator?

Maybe you’re like a lot of people who use the computer primarily for web browsing? Are there any compelling reasons to want the Creator’s Update?

Well, maybe. Windows 10 has two Microsoft browsers built-in, the new Edge browser which was released originally with Windows 10, and the old stalwart Internet Explorer. Many of you are probably most familiar with Internet Explorer, and if that’s the case, you may prefer it over Edge. But Edge does have a few advantages over IE, primarily that it’s usually a bit speedier at loading web pages than Internet Explorer. Microsoft has updated Edge with the Creator’s Update to not only improve performance but also give it some added features like the ability to set tabs aside and a tab preview bar which allows viewing what tabs are currently open without leaving the page that you are on. If you are like me and often have tons of tabs open at one time, those features are pretty nice to have. Microsoft also has made big claims about battery life improvement with Edge, and while they’ve no doubt improved it, the specific claim of drastically better battery life over Firefox or Chrome is likely spurious at best, boiling down more to the specific computer hardware and the other software running on it than which browser you choose to run.

In addition to updating Edge, Microsoft is also updating many of the other built-in apps for Windows 10 such as Skype to improve performance and add functionality. Cortana now has a few extra tricks and Microsoft has expanded much functionality of Windows 10 to work across multiple devices. For instance, if you’re using Cortana on one PC, it’s now easy to pick up where you left off even on a different PC. Many of these changes will probably be subtle and dependent upon whether you use the apps or not, but if you do use them there should be some kind of improved performance or more functionality.

By far my favorite feature of the Creator’s Update is Night Light. Night Light automatically filters out some of the blue light that the computer screen has as nighttime approaches. This greatly reduces the strain that staring at a computer screen can have especially at night in low-light situations. This is configurable within Settings so that you can adjust how much blue light gets filtered and when it starts to filter it. The transition is fairly subtle, so you may not even notice when it happens, but if you do a lot of screen staring, it’s great to have.

The Creator’s Update will provide security updates, probably provide a small performance improvement and updated apps, so it’s still a good idea to use it.  Your Windows 10 updates may be automatic, so if you haven’t gotten it already, you eventually will. Microsoft kept the user interface looks the same, so it there aren’t confusing changes to where things used to be or now are. Windows 10 marches forward and Microsoft continues to try to improve functionality and add features that their users want and need. If you’re a content creator, you’ve got more flexibility and functionality, and if you’re not, maybe now is the time to dip your toes into something new.

In a recent blog on Microsoft’s Blog site, they remind us that “The most secure Windows device today is an updated one.  

In each Windows feature update, Microsoft builds the latest security technology deep into the operating system, providing defense-in-depth features that prevent entire classes of malware from impacting your device.

In each monthly quality update, Microsoft adds another layer of security, one that tracks emerging and changing trends in malware to make up-to-date systems safer in the face of changing and evolving threats.”


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