Top 10 “Absolutes” in Computers

Top 10 “Absolutes” in Computers

Top 10 “Absolutes” in Computers

When you have worked with computers as long as we have, you discover that there are a few absolutes when it comes to computer repair and data loss prevention. We often see the same types of preventable computer issues and instances of accidental data loss over and over again. Our team of computer specialists has compiled a list of our top ten absolutes in computers that we hope will help you avoid scammers and keep your computer up and running smoothly.

1. Every email account that you have has a password. You may have forgotten it, but you do have one. Be sure to take note of your password when you make your account and save it in a secure location in case you need to remember it later.

2. Whether they are in your computer or in an external drive, all hard drives eventually fail. For this reason, you MUST have a redundant backup on another hard drive, in the cloud, or on a backup site to ensure you don’t lose any of your valuable data.

3. No virus program, paid for or free, will prevent bad things from happening if you go to the wrong sites, accidentally or intentionally. Be cautious of where you click. If it looks questionable, it probably is best not to click.

4. Microsoft will NEVER call you for any reason. Anyone calling you and claiming to be a Microsoft representative is most likely a scammer.

5. Any pop-up on your screen that tells you to call Microsoft, and provides a number, is NOT Microsoft and the number will not actually be connecting you to Microsoft if you decide to call it.

6. Windows 10 Updates are not a given. You should periodically do a manual check for updates or bring your computer to Computer Renaissance of Bel Air for routine checks and updates.

7. If you happen to get a pop-up screen that tells you to call a number….DO NOT. If you do, and they ask to get on your computer, DO NOT LET THEM! It’s a scam and you are putting your data at risk. (If you do let them on your computer, and they tell you that you have lots of problems that put you at risk, THEY ARE LYING because that’s what scammers do.)

8. Always go to the manufacturer’s or seller’s website to get their phone number. Most support numbers that you get from a Google search will be a scam or will.

9. One “blue screen” does not mean your computer is bad. Turn it off and reboot it. If everything acts okay, then continue. If it fails a second time, bring it into Computer Renaissance of Bel Air for a diagnostic and repair.

10. Computers will ALWAYS fail at the time you need them the most. That’s why Computer Renaissance of Bel Air offers affordable service plans to help get your computer back up and running smoothly.

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Source: Tim Tremper, owner of Computer Renaissance of Bel Air.



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