Watch Out for Email Scams

Watch Out for Email Scams

Watch Out for Email Scams

Clicking Links on Suspicious Emails can Spell T R O U B L E!

The email example image was an email from “Microsoft” to an Office365 user. While it appears to be a message telling you that you have used up too much space on their server, it is really a scam. When you click on the “Click Here” you will be taken to a site that will download something malicious on your computer, at best a virus, or worse, possibly an encryption virus that will encrypt all of your data and will extort money from you to get it back.

One way to tell if it is a bad link is just to hover your mouse cursor over the link (in this case “Click Here”) and it will show you where the link takes you. On this particular link, it takes you to a website in the UK, certainly not to Microsoft!

Always be wary of ANY email that asks you to click on something, give them information, or the like. For things like credit cards, if you are unsure, call the number on the back of your credit card and report the email. You should also try to contact the sender directly through their website. NEVER assume that any email is legit. Always use caution when seeing a suspicious email.

Clicked a link on a suspicious email and think you may have downloaded something unsavory on your computer?

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