What Can You Expect to be Paid for Your Computer?

What Can You Expect to be Paid for Your Computer?

What Can You Expect to be Paid for Your Computer?

Computer Renaissance will purchase slightly worn used desktops, laptops, and monitors. The computers must be an original installation of Windows 7, 8, or 10, and the monitors need to be less than 5 years old.

So what should your expectation be for what we will pay you for these items? Remember that we are going to sell these used computers and monitors at a price that the consumer expects to pay for them, which has nothing to do with what you originally paid for the computer. The customer for a used computer or monitor also expects their product to be in a good condition. Ask yourself when you bring in your computer or monitor for a test-to-buy, “What would I pay for that computer and is it in a condition that I would buy it?”

Most good condition used computers sell in the range of $200-$275 in our store. Pricing is affected by the amount of RAM and processor speed, the age of the computer, and condition of the computer. For all used computers that we sell, if the computer is three years or older, we will automatically replace the hard drive, since we want the person who buys a used computer to be able to use it for a while. So, if you subtract the cost of the hard drive, plus the labor that we put into the computer to check it out, clean it up, and reinstall programs, you will see that we will be offering somewhere in the neighborhood of $75-$125 for your used computer if everything else is good.

Used Gaming Computers
Unfortunately used gaming systems have no more value, and sometimes less, than standard off-the-shelf used computers. The customer for a used computer is looking for a computer that will run “standard stuff.” A $300 video card and 16 GB of ram is overkill to him/her. Likewise, a person looking for a gaming computer is usually looking for the newest technology, not something that is three years old. For that reason, in most cases, we cannot even make an offer for your custom system.

The purpose of this is just to set an expectation level for what you would be offered for your computer when you bring it in for a test-to-buy. Obviously, if the market price is around $300, if you want that price you need to sell it on your own. If you sell it to us, you need to know what we need to do to sell it profitably in our store.

Recycle and Recoup Some of Your Cost
That being said, Computer Renaissance of Bel Air is the computer repair store in Bel Air that buys and sells used and new computers and monitors. Selling your used computer or monitor is a good way to recycle your unwanted equipment and keep them out of our landfills, and also recoup some of your original cost. You can apply that money to a newer used or new computer or monitor you purchase from us.

Have a used computer or monitor that you don’t want that meets our criteria? Bring it in and let us give you a “test-to-buy!”



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